J.M.R. LUNA is an award winner Director / Producer based in Los Angeles and a member of the Producer's Guild of America (PGA). Originally hailing from Madrid, Spain, J.M.R. was educated at some of the most prestigious film institutions in Europe. He graduated with honors from the University of Madrid, was awarded with an Erasmus scholarship for graduate school in Denmark, and earned his Masters in Los Angeles.J.M.R LUNA breakthrough came directing and producing "TELL", an action comedy starring Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes, This is Us) , Katie Sackhoff (Battle Star Gallactica), and Jason Lee (My Name is Earl), which was theatrically released by MGM/Orion in USA, and NETFLIX Original internationally. He also produced "HELICOPTER MOM", that was theatrically released in by E One/Phase4; "ECHOES OF WAR", also theatrically released in Summer 2015; "GRASS STAINS", shot on North Carolina starring Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One, MUG) and Annabeth Gis; and "FAR FROM HERE" shot in Romania that was Theatrically released in Europe. Juan’s work has taken him around the world: All over Europe, Japan, the North Pole, Africa and now Los Angeles, where he has done more than 25 short films, tons of Branded Content and 7 Feature Films. In 2016, J.M.R. Luna was approached to help developing the adaptations of SEGA IPs into narrative Hollywood movies. He was also invited to Kyoto's Filmmakers Lab as one of the Directors.

In January 2017, J.M.R. LUNA started working in Esports. First as the Head of Content for EVIL GENIUSES, and then as the VP of content and Production for IMMORTALS/LA VALIANT /MIBR (a join venture between Lionsgate and AEG - Lakers, LA Galaxy, LA Kings…).

In November 2018 J.M.R. Luna resigned from his position. Since he has done a 3 part mini series for MLB in Japan and other great freelance jobs.